Tire Service Keep Driving Safely Through Winter

Winter weather is especially hard on your automobile tires. The cold winter temperatures will cause the inflation pressure to drop as opposed to the hot summer temperatures where the pressure actually increases.

Low pressure will affect the shape of the rubber which in turn affects steering. A tire service to check air pressure before heading out on a road trip will make sure you are driving as safe as possible. This also helps prevent an unexpected flat, resulting in a costly tire repair. You can get more detail about burbank tire shop via https://www.formulaautomotivegroup.com/service/tire-shop/.

Tire Service Keep Driving Safely Through Winter

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Additionally, low air pressure will shorten the life of your tires and cause problems with braking, especially on wet surfaces. Added to problems of steering and shortened tire life, low air pressure will significantly increase your chances of a blow-out – a massive rupture in the rubber resulting in rapid air loss and quite possibly, loss of control of your vehicle.

Low inflation pressure can be avoided with proper tire service, such as regularly checking pressure levels and paying close attention to heavy or uneven tread wear. Having the proper tread becomes even more important in winter as the stopping distance on wet, snow, sleet or ice covered surfaces is dramatically increased.

For instance, the stopping distance for a car traveling 30 miles per hour on dry pavement is six car lengths, while on wet pavement the distance can be up to twice that amount.

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