Fire is a threat that each business requires a basic comprehension of; equally whilst legislation varies with the nation the basics of fire safety stay constant.

Within the UK and Europe, Fire Risk Assessments are currently legal requirements replacing the old steps of the certificate by local Fire Authorities. Fire risk assessments are the first step in knowing your security needs – looking at the way you stop fires starting, the best way to stop them spreading and the way people are able to escape from the office.

Within the risk assessment – or indeed in your overall security measures – you want to think about fire extinguishers.

For many businesses, we can split Fire Extinguisher Design (which is also known as “ออกแบบระบบดับเพลิง” in the Thai language) into 4 types – each designed for particular kinds of fire. In the UK most are demarked with a colored band for quick reference

Water Extinguishers (Red or Red Band) – Designed for overall fires – NOT acceptable for fuel, gas or electrical fires.

Foam Extinguishers – Ordinarily a Cream Band – Designed mainly for chemical and oil fires. They’ll extinguish general fires but make a good deal of mess in the procedure. They aren’t acceptable for electrical fires.

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide – Black Band – Will work on any fire; although made mainly for electric fires.

Dry Powder – Blue Band – Will work on any fire but chiefly intended for chemical, gas and oil fires.



Given this, we can see we will need to take into account the kinds of extinguisher we’ve got within the workplace to be certain they’re acceptable for the fires they could be needed for.

General Offices – Ordinarily Water with some CO2. The dangers will mainly be regular paper, carpeting type fires but the assortment of modern electric items in the workplace means we ought to have CO2 there also.

Garages/Workshops – You will still need water and CO2 as a foundation – but Foam or Dry Powder should also be stocked.


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There are two different types of solar water heaters: passive and active. Both rely on sunlight to warm the water in your house, but what distinguishes the two is the way the water is transferred toward the sunlight.

Active systems rely on a pump to manually transfer the water to the roof or solar collector, whereas a passive system doesn’t. In this guide, we’ll be talking passive solar water heaters. All Solar water heating systems have two basic components. These components include an insulated storage tank and a solar collector.

A solar collector is a device in which the water is transferred to and heated by sunlight. Solar collectors come in a number of varieties; however, all of them absorb the energy from sunlight and transfer that energy to the water or a different heating medium. After the water is heated, it has to be stored until it’s used.

Solar Water Heater (which is also known as “เครื่องทำน้ำร้อนพลังงานแสงอาทิตย์” in the Thai language) is most frequently used. This tank closely resembles a tank type water heater and performs a number of the very same functions.



Passive solar water heaters are less efficient than the typical active solar water heater. But what a passive solar heating system lacks in efficiency it makes up for it in reliability and long life. Passive heaters are typically less expensive than an active system also.

Passive solar water heaters come in two varieties: integral collector storage (ICS), and thermosiphon (occasionally spelled “thermosyphon”) systems.

Integral collector-storage systems maintain the water storage tank located below the solar collector. Cold water flows to the solar collector, where it’s heated by sunlight, then drawn down to the storage tank beneath. Integral collector methods work best in areas where the outside temperature rarely falls below freezing.

The second kind of passive solar water heating system is the thermostatic type. Compared to integral collector storage systems, thermostatic systems maintain the storage tank situated above the solar collector.

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The Thai real estate property sales company and the property development business has expanded the tax breaks for all property transactions for one more year until 28th of March 2010.

The renewal of the temporary decrease in the transport fee rate from 2% to 0.01 percent was announced before the prior tax decrease between March 29, 2008, and March 28, 2009. The renewal of the temporary decrease of certain Business Tax, from 3.3% to 0.11%, on gross earnings which also died on March 28, 2009, has been declared after the prior expiration date and is again employed by the property offices since May 18, 2009.

Within real estate property transaction (land, house or condo) between the preceding expiry date March 28 and May 18 and above which the whole 3,3 % Specific Business Tax rate was paid a refund can be requested at the Revenue Department. If you want to explore more about the property in Hua Hin then check out online websites.



The Thailand Revenue Department’s refund form must be prepared and filed with the Revenue Department.

Thailand’s standard property transfer taxes (these will apply again after March 28, 2010, unless the present tax decrease will be extended):

 2% transfer fee over the evaluated or documented value of their property.

Appraised or registered price of land is a genuine evaluation price of this property which calculated from the land office with regard to every area where the land located and a few more standards set out by the Land Department.

The appraised or registered price of a home by the Land Department is contingent on the floor area of the home, a number of floors, substances used (e.g. timber or concrete).

Additionally, condominium units have a registered or appraised value based on calculation standards set out by the Land Department.

 Particular Business Tax of 3,3 percent is calculated within the registered value or appraised value, whichever is greater. The specific small business tax shall be payable when the vendor sells the property within five years of their purchase registration date.

The transfer isn’t subject to company tax if the vendor is an individual and has owned the property for over five years prior to the transfer. Businesses with specific objectives are subject to Specific Business tax no matter the period of possession.

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Restoring the rare moment of a person’s life is the most beautiful and costly possession. The memories of youth, the convocation ceremony at the school and the lonely walk in old age are the special moments for everybody. These moments can be recorded with a simple click of a button and may be kept for life-long memory.

A digital camera captures video or still photos digitally by recording images onto a light-sensitive sensor. Additionally, there are many sjcam sj7pantip cameras that can capture audio and be moving to the digital camera. With the recorded images manipulation can be accomplished through digital videos in addition to still photographs.



Digital cameras are becoming smaller daily and the attributes are also increasing inside. The selection of digital camera depends together with the need for the consumer. There are many categories of digital cameras such as the compact digital cameras, ultra-compacts, bridge cameras, digital single lens reflex cameras, line-scan camera, compact digital SLRs and digital SLRs.

Nowadays digital cameras are used in several devices from mobile phones to personal digital assistants and vehicles. The Hubble space telescope and other astronomical apparatus are having specialized digital cameras.

There are high tech digital cameras available on the market with which you can take underwater photos. The underwater digital cameras are extremely useful in capturing sea life, scuba diving and something artistic beneath the sea.

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Therefore humans have gone through many distinct materials to dealing with water. Wood was used in Britain and Early America, for instance. Concrete was used, a substance that Romans would have approved of.

In contemporary America, copper has been the choice, but with the ever-rising price of copper, that could be finally changing.

 Stainless Steel,

More and more, homeowners, businesses, and builders alike are going to Stainless Steel(which is also known as “ข้องอสแตนเลส” in the Thai language) distribution firms for their own water conveyance requirements. Surprisingly, they cite price, among a number of other items, as one of the most important reasons for changing.

Stainless steel pipe prices might not be just like copper, but as any builder will let you know, many things go into the final price of a product.

First off, steel pipe is lighter than aluminum, so transporting it’s cheaper. The first savings may be minimal, but for builders who make repeated trips to steel pipe distribution businesses, this means big savings.

Contractors are also quick to note that stainless steel pipe is not as likely to be discharged by work site thieves, who have become a real nuisance to anybody installing copper in the past ten years or so.

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Supplying food for birds leads to the overall success and longevity of our wild birds in Britain. However, it’s important to not forget some basic rules when offering wild bird feed to help attract a kaleidoscope of species.

• it’s essential that when you’ve started feeding wild birds, that you continue all year round as wild birds will start to understand your backyard as a regular hotspot of nutrients.

• According to the BTO, experts on all things birdy, feeding birds during the warmer months is a priority because wild birds have to keep plump to guarantee survival.

• Birds are inclined to feed early morning and late afternoon, especially during winter, so it is important to check that there’s bird feed available during those times. If you want to know more about Bird protection (which is also known asป้องกันนกไล่นกin the Thai language) then visit on online websites.





• Obviously, additional feeding is highly recommended all year round, especially during the breeding period early spring at which parents are going to be on the search to find feed for their young brood and themselves.

Feeders or Bird Tables
The sort of feeder or the manner in which you provide your wild bird feed tends to ascertain the sort of species that you will attract. Using a normal mixed bird feed on a bird table or on the ground will attract many of the common wild bird species.

Feeders will tend to attract smaller birds which could cling onto either a mesh outer or perch. Plus, to attract a broader array of wild birds, you could start to introduce specialist feeders like Nyger Feeders which are made to take the miniature Nyger Seed, which is a special favorite with finches.

Get up close to wild birds as they feed with a window feeder. Offered in several different varieties, they are fantastic for recognizing species and viewing their personal character traits.

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If you reside in a normal suburban-style home or are considering moving into one, among the things you may need to think about getting initially for your house is a pressure tank. It’s a system that uses compressed air to push water from a water supply upward.

In houses that have two or more stories, they are necessary to push water out of a groundwater source to the plumbing fittings above. Without it, you won’t have the ability to use water in the upstairs portion of your house, particularly if the groundwater source does not have a very powerful force.

Obtaining a Water pressure tank (which is also known asถังแรงดันน้ำin the Thai language) is simple but requires a little research as you will need to understand what type is suitable for your residence.

You can consult with an expert when in doubt, but the procedure is fairly straightforward provided that you read the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly. It helps to be friendly with hardware store owners that sell tanks since they may give you helpful tips about the best way best to install it yourself.




Choose the ideal kind, there are many sizes. The bigger ones might be more costly, but they are able to hold more water so the pump switch will be flipped on less, extending its life. There are lots of types available.

You can find a galvanized (which is one of the oldest kinds), a pre-charged, an air pressure tank, and a sealed diaphragm. Do your research to assess which is ideal for your home-try consulting with a plumber if you are not sure.

Pumps use electricity to have the ability to function properly. Make certain you have completed the electrical connections that you want. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for any valves that will need to be installed. Certain sorts of valves will need to be installed in the pump to be able to let it re-pressurize automatically.

Check your water resource: Pressure tanks require a water supply from a discharge pipe, to be fitted with a gate valve according to your manufacturer’s directions. Be sure the water is crystal clear and free of any sediments or debris. Otherwise, allow it to run until it’s clear.

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As a site development professional, we have a deal with many entrepreneurs that are planning to construct a website. The majority of them are, obviously, clueless about how the method works and how much time and effort they’ll need to put into it. Most people that are not part of IT feel that site design and development is fun, creative processes.

While creativity and fun are part of creating sites, hard work, planning, and logic are more important. Are you an entrepreneur engaged in the process of creating a website for your business? If you want to explore more about web development Bangkok then checks out online websites. Here’s a simple list of dos and don’ts which will make your task easier. 




1) Learn how long it will take: Maybe, you’ve hired a programmer and he lets you know that it would take fifteen days to come up with your website. After fifteen days, only half of this job is completed (because you’re not able to offer resources or information to the programmer!) And your program will go awry! In case you’ve hired a website development firm, make them promise they have the history of delivering on time.

2) Know what you want: Research before you dip in the Procedure. Make a list of sites that you like, tell the programmer why you enjoy them. Also, understand what you expect the site to do for you. Inform your internet designers and developers what effect you wish to create through your site.

3) Be prepared for arguments and repeat: Unless you’re the only individual in your business, you will understand there are numerous conflicts of opinion between your and other members of your business about how the site should look and operate. Be ready to go over issues and understand that sometimes you won’t have the ability to attain an agreement. Make one person responsible for the job and let her take the last decision.

Avoid At All Costs!

Do not attempt to hurry through it. Many businessmen have a tendency, to begin with, a great deal of jest, but lose interest after a while and need to just be done with it. If you research correctly and find the ideal person for the job, such a situation won’t arise. However, things may drag on and this may result in frustration, which in turn may hurt the effectiveness of your site.

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I am a novice from the world that is drawing. I like art and can appreciate a number of styles and I know in my mind how I need something to look when I handle a drawing. Unfortunately, my skills and the picture in my mind are rather removed from one another.

What should I do? Well, there are many people out there that offer to help me improve my drawing workshops  skills supplying I purchase this DVD or that book or subscribe to an e-course of course. Now I am sure these are well meant and may well help me in the future but right now I just cannot get those things to work for me, I want more than that, I want to have the ability to talk to someone face to face.

Improve Your Drawing Skills

It is no good me seeing a movie showing me how to sketch a picture because when I have a go and it does not seem right I do not have a clue what's wrong besides it just looks wrong. What can I do? I suppose the simplest way is to post the image online in a forum and expect that somebody smarter than me can pinpoint my mistake and explain to me, the way to correct it.

No, I want someone with me while I am actually trying a drawing that I get immediate encouragement and instant help on tweaking things to make them look like I need them to look.

Well, I could:

Sign up for a weekly lesson with a professional artist

Combine a predetermined time period run by an artist

Reserve a painting holiday with artist tutelage

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Singapore is a series of 63 islands in Southeast Asia. It is a typical destination for tourists. The primary method to get there is to take an airplane to among the various airports in Singapore. They are very open up to tourists and they depend on them heavily to sustain their economy. You can be sure you will enjoy with the services used at any of the various airlines in Singapore. The one you will wish to utilize depends on which of the islands you will be staying on for your holiday.

There are flights going into and out of Singapore daily due to the lots of individuals that travel there each year. Singapore is quite a distance so you may need to play for a layover and even a plane change in another place.

Because the flight is so long, you ought to make sure you are going to be comfortable. Inspect with the various Singapore airlines to see how their seating is.

You may want to think about updating your ticket to first class as well. By doing this you can quickly extend and relax for the long flight. Many people aren't able to do this when they are flying coach. As an outcome they can wind up being disturbed by the time they get here in Singapore. You should pack some treats with you also in case you don't like what is being served by the airline.

You can discover plenty of details online about Singapore airlines. This may be the best location to compare rates and to take a look at times for flights. You will wish to gather as much info as you can before you complete your itinerary. You need to be able to discover some great costs when you acquire a package from among the lots of Singapore airlines.

You can be sure you will be happy with the services offered at any of the different airline companies in Singapore. There are flights going into and out of Singapore daily due to the lots of individuals that travel there yearly. Examine with the numerous Singapore airlines to see how their seating is. You can discover plenty of information online about Singapore airlines. We can find new properties in Singapore in
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