A Solution to Feral Cat Colonies

The occurrence of feral cats is an issue in a lot of neighborhoods. It is easy to assume there are colonies of feral cats in almost every neighborhood unless specific programs have been initiated by area officials. That is where an animal trapping company like Los Angeles Animal Removal come into the role and help you to get out of this problem.

A Solution to Feral Cat Colonies

These programs consist of a methodical trap/spay-neuter/release of the cats. This is done with the collaboration of the local Humane Society, SPCA or animal control of the city or county and contributing veterinarians. The participating entities provide humane traps to the community to be put in various localities where the cats have seen a fire.

The community participants assess their various traps and notify the authorities when they have a cat trapped that needs to be picked up. Then the cat is transported to a veterinarian that has consented to participate in the program. The cat is spayed or neutered, then, returned to the area where they came. They are then allowed to live out their lives, just as before, with one exception, they will no longer have the ability to contribute to the rising number of feral cats.

These programs may be funded by government grants, or in the case of smaller SPCA groups, fundraisers may be necessary. Sometimes a community may need to help pay for the services of the veterinarian but the vets that participate normally supply the service at a much-reduced price.

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